Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yes that is right the Kerley family is packing up and moving hopefully for the last time til GOd moves us again. We are heading to Gaylord Michigan where everyone else is leaving we are packing up the family and moving up north and I am excited not only am I going to be 15 miles from home but 15 miles from home have not lived this close since 1990. been way too long. So now to get ready we are having one heck of a yard sale on the 22nd to the 25th of the month. I am so excited about moving its not funny we found an awesome ranch house in Gaylord on an acre and its country but yet close to the city which is exciting the kids will be going ot Gaylord HIgh school and middle starting in the fall and zack is so excited about moving and getting to use his quad etc once we are up north.

All I can say is life is getting better and better. We will be leaving here on June 5th and not turning back and we are excited about the move and what it has to bring us. Klark will be home a little later in the month and wow. changes all around but we will be a family in our new home and that is exciting for all of us.

So as the world turns in teh Kerleys family we are on to address 25 in our lives will this be the last or is there more adventure waiting for us. And by the way I am feeling called to Gaylord and have been for years. SO now I am listening and God is working it all out trust in him and you can do amazing things because this is all in his hands.


Monday, April 27, 2009

WHy you do what you do

I have felt so blessed lately God has really laid it out there for me on my life. He is making my business grow and today he showed me what I am suppose to be doing with the Butterfly Mobiles.

I have been following this blog for about 4 months now watching things happen from good to bad and now just today a post comes up saying we need help. its form a guest but after having a sick child I know how bills mount up. I also know how tough the economy is and so I decided that today I am going to donate all proceeds $35.00 which is what I charge for the Butterfly Mobiles to Kayleigh's family I can't imagine the sacrifices they have made in there life nor can I imagine the daily trials as I have lived them too hospital stays, normal life ( which is never normal and then life in general. So I have decided that all proceeds for these mobiles will now be donated to Kayleigh Freeman and Adam and Aimee, though I have never met them in person the pain they feel and the daily struggle makes me want to donate to them. So if you have looked at the mobiles have watched them have seen them or just thought about getting one do . If you would like to make a donation to Kayleigh directly I would love that too just click on her blog link above and donate to her family. I know that they can use all the help they can get right now.

God Bless and please remember her in your prayers if nothing else.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The week of fun in the sun

Yes that is right tomorrow is a day of 80 degrees and we are excited the kids want me to open the pool ( hard to believe that soon we will pop that sucker open ) I hope all is well with all. New items posted this weekend that is the goal and working on getting new items out forsale so we can make some money busy weekend planned.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How not to let go

Its been 7 months since I held you in my arms and soon you will be back in them again and I don't know how I will be able to let you go back again. I struggle tonight as I listen to the music in the background and hear the clock ticking signaling another second that you have been gone from our arms again. I honestly don't know that I can let you go. I only know I have to but the pain that we will feel will be intense and I don't know that I can do it again. I need to hold you for a long time, I need to feel your breath on my cheek as you whisper my name and I need to just smell you again just to know you are real. I so miss you my love and I can only hope that soon you will be back in our arms only 60 days or so til you are here and I can't wait to feel you touch you and hear you breathe in the bed next to me. Until then love I miss you and only hope that soon you will be here in my arms soon.

Love you always and miss you more your wife :X


Monday, April 13, 2009

Finding time

Well everyone knows that I am buried in Butterflies. I am excited about this and found a source for boxes yeah Matt. Thanks for your insight I am thrilled to finally be able to get the boxes I need to ship these guys out.

I am doing good this week we had a wonderful Spring Break and Easter. I have goals this week and figure if I blog them and the whole world sees them then I Have to complete them

1. Journals finish the order
2. butterfly mobiles finish all the orders
3. Make something new for your store and post it up
4. Laundry ( should be number 1)
5. Clean out scrap book area and get organized. AHHH organized..

Take photos and post them up here for people to see your progress.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Butterflies are fluttering by

Well if you walked in my house you might think you are in the middle of butterflies, Why you ask because Butterflies are fluttering by. here are some recent creations .. enjoy

Want one

Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh my goodness what a cute picture

of DUcks


Fun Spots I visited today


adorable.. shop you can see them at

How bout a crafternoon?

very cool article I think I might start one of these in my basement at the house weekly to keep me working in my studio

For a little comedy in your life

This one is about how Saudi has banned Pigs in books.

and then there is always the ever fun twitter which you can just log into and ready. and Apperantly if I was in NY I would go to where martha is signing her book tomorrow.

Hope all have a great week I will see you around here and there for the next few days.. Christy

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I got it

Yes that is right A NEW LAPTOP and I am STOKED> okay so excited that I almost peed my pants when the man in brown showed up at my door.

So now its official I got a new laptop, photoshop, and ETSY what else can a girl want? I am off to make invites for a birthday girl enjoy the day all and I will see you all later on with pictures of me and the new computer :0

yeah yeah yeah


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh happy days

So today is the day Caitlin turns 15 , 15 years ago I was checking myself in to have a baby. we had just moved houses thanks to the USAF and were setting up shop to have a new baby in the house.. the dogs ( Bear, Ginger and Booger ) and I had just phoned 4 couples to feed them while we were at Madigan Army medical center delivering a baby. so now that baby is 15 years old. where has the time gone.. my baby is grown up soon it will be first date, then driving and then college.. I am so excited to see what a fine young lady she has become, but so shocked at the fact that she now 15.
thanks for following my blog

Birthday cakes

Well its official I am now the proud mom of a 15 year old daughter and wow is that ever scary to know that my daughter is now 15 where did the time go.. I can still remember her as a baby at times. then I look over and she is as tall as me and talking about college.. wow.. SO she is OLD today .. I hope that she has a wonderful day and a great week.. I think I will go eat lunch possibly with her tomorrow to celebrate her big day.. wow.. 15..

Monday, March 30, 2009

Diaper Cakes

Good afternoon,

Well I finished one project 12 more to go whew.. I just made an adorable diaper cake for a new mom to be it will be shipped out tomorrow morning and I can't wait. I am so excited to get this to the new mom. I hope that she enjoys it as much as I did making it. Want a custom Diaper cake. Please let me know. How exciting for the new mom to come in to her shower and see this creation waiting for her with all the goodies.

Its Monday

And lets just say its going to be super busy. First of all I am finally going to be getting a website and I can't wait.. it will be I am so stoked. Secondly I am in the process of making up wedding invitations yes that is right wedding invites not for me but for a customer and its thrilling to know that she trusts me on her most exciting day.

Lastly the life of a crafter is never dull I am going to start applying for some shows around here to be in and featured to get more exposure I think it will help. I have officially decided that indeed this is the life of me and I am going to bite the big one and jump off the bridge and start my own business doing what I love. I can't wait.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


It was mail day today and wow....... I did it finished the mobile and packed it up, shipped off a journal, 3 sets of cards, and a bunch of other little things.

It was exciting ... I can't wait to get started next week I have 8 projects to complete will start tomorrow to get them started and its going to be exciting to say the least. I hope all is well with everyone and that you all have a wonderful and great day... I will post more tomorrow and the next day as I need sleep. have a good one and above is my son zack on the Dixie Chopper his love of life

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A better picture of the Butterfly mobile :)

Okay so I suck at this whole photo thing so here is a much better photo fo thebutter fly mobile . enjoy

flutter by with Butterflies

They are everywhere well in my studio ( basement) I got a custom order for a butterfly mobile and its complete and so stinking cute.. here is apicture for you if you like to see it..

Thanks Christy

ULtimate Blog Party is ON for MOM's How cool is this

WOO WOO, the party has started today and runs through the 27th. It's the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom's. I participated last year and had a blast! the 5 Minutes for Mom site is hosting this annual party to help women connect with each other via the blogworld. They are also giving away a ton of prizes that can be claimed by any woman - blogger or non-blogger!
Some of my favorite giveaways are:
19 — $50 gift certificate to Target StoresProvided by: Shoot-Me-NowPrize details: Treat your kids, or even better, treat yourself! Shoot-Me-Now would like to donate a $50 Target gift card to one winner. (Who doesn't love Tar-Jey!)
20 – 5 bars of handmade goat milk soap, your choice of scentProvided by: Goat Milk StuffPrize details: Feel the difference that goat milk makes! Goat Milk Stuff is donating 5 bars of our handmade goat milk soap (made with milk from our own dairy goats). And the best part - you get to choose your favorite scents! (I love handmade soaps)
58 – Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand MixerProvided by: Moms Who ThinkPrize details: From Amish Friendship Bread to Decadent Cheesecake and all the meals in between dessert, Moms Who Think has recipes you’ll love. We would like to donate a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer to help make one lucky winner’s home cooking even easier. (winner’s choice of color, $349.99 retail value) (I'd pick PINK)
So come on and party with us! Leave your footprints here and you may have a chance to win a fabulous "Brag book of your choice" . Don't forget to tell your friends to come visit too. You can also visit my Facebook at kerleyskreations ...leave a comment there and get another entry! You want another entry?? Follow me on Twitter and say I want that Brag book look forward to seeing you soon

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Buttpads Requested

Well I did it took the plunge and strapped 8 wheels to my feet and skated ( okay acutally I sat on the side lines) but if my kids would of let me I would of had a pillow strapped to my butt and went skating something about a 38 year old on skates after not doing it for 20 years SCARY. So instead I worked on a few new projects and a blanket that I have been crochetting for Dante for 1 month now ( he will be 18 years old by the time its done ) just kidding. I had an exciting time down in KK land ( aka basement) and did a few new projects they will be posted here soon but also on with in the week.

I just posted today some awesome easter cards and some birthday invites how exciting I hope all have a great day and enjoy the weather I hear its suppose to SNOW on saturday but I am hoping for rain the daffodils just started sprouting and I don't want them to be damaged I so look forward to them each spring.

5 more days til 5 months of Klark being gone. we sure miss him alot..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Buttons buttons and more darn buttons

Well I did it took the plunge and got Caitlin started on Buttons so she now has her own Etsy shop as well selling you guessed it Buttons. she is making and going to sell polymer buttons. She is getting so mature in life.

So now I sit instead of photographing and getting this ready typing this.. so I am off to go get her buttons photographed and finished and will see all of you later on .. by all.. and until tomorrow or later tonight sleep well..

and for my hubby across the sea.. I LOVE YOU me

Monday, March 23, 2009

Its a Monday

Well, I have been reading and reading and so busy creating that I decided to start blogging again and letting everyone know the who, what, when, where and why's of my life.

I interview today at Red Robin for a management position lets hope it happens if it does not we move on August 1st to Saudi Arabia to live with Klark my wonderful and very supportive hubby who knows I have a paper and craft addiction :)

So I opened up shop about a month ago been doing really well about 1 sale every day which is good I hear but I need to increase sales so I am off to try to figure out how to do that part of life.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed day and stay strong.

Spring is finally starting in Michigan I noticed new growth in my flower bed last week the tulips are coming yeah yeah yeah .. daffodils as well so I am excited can't wait to go pick some from the yard.

Blessings all

Monday, March 2, 2009

A long time coming

Well,today is a long time coming, i have been with a cold now for 3 weeks ugh. the kids are doing well and growing I think by leaps and bounds its so hard to believe that soon cailtin will be 15 year old where has the time gone.

I started a new business online about 3 weeks ago and I am excited about it in the least hard to believe its been three weeks since my etsy store opened

I am in the process of making new items or new things for me which is exciting and hoping that they are a hit like I THINK THEY ARE. Its been 4 months since Klark left we are still in Michigan and looking at where life is going to take us soon. I am hoping its closer to where klark can be at home.

I recently started getting into blogging so i hope that I can continue it soon ..