Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yes that is right the Kerley family is packing up and moving hopefully for the last time til GOd moves us again. We are heading to Gaylord Michigan where everyone else is leaving we are packing up the family and moving up north and I am excited not only am I going to be 15 miles from home but 15 miles from home have not lived this close since 1990. been way too long. So now to get ready we are having one heck of a yard sale on the 22nd to the 25th of the month. I am so excited about moving its not funny we found an awesome ranch house in Gaylord on an acre and its country but yet close to the city which is exciting the kids will be going ot Gaylord HIgh school and middle starting in the fall and zack is so excited about moving and getting to use his quad etc once we are up north.

All I can say is life is getting better and better. We will be leaving here on June 5th and not turning back and we are excited about the move and what it has to bring us. Klark will be home a little later in the month and wow. changes all around but we will be a family in our new home and that is exciting for all of us.

So as the world turns in teh Kerleys family we are on to address 25 in our lives will this be the last or is there more adventure waiting for us. And by the way I am feeling called to Gaylord and have been for years. SO now I am listening and God is working it all out trust in him and you can do amazing things because this is all in his hands.


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