Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday cakes

Well its official I am now the proud mom of a 15 year old daughter and wow is that ever scary to know that my daughter is now 15 where did the time go.. I can still remember her as a baby at times. then I look over and she is as tall as me and talking about college.. wow.. SO she is OLD today .. I hope that she has a wonderful day and a great week.. I think I will go eat lunch possibly with her tomorrow to celebrate her big day.. wow.. 15..


Jeanne Selep said...

You should go eat lunch with her if you can - you only have so many years left to leave her with this kind of memory (before she goes to college). Can there be anything more important? Congratulations, I'll bet you are a good mom.

Kerley's Kreations said...

Did lunch and she got flowers and a phone call from her dad. which is good she was pretty excited about the flowers since I told her we did not have the money :) Thanks for the encouragement