Monday, March 30, 2009

Its Monday

And lets just say its going to be super busy. First of all I am finally going to be getting a website and I can't wait.. it will be I am so stoked. Secondly I am in the process of making up wedding invitations yes that is right wedding invites not for me but for a customer and its thrilling to know that she trusts me on her most exciting day.

Lastly the life of a crafter is never dull I am going to start applying for some shows around here to be in and featured to get more exposure I think it will help. I have officially decided that indeed this is the life of me and I am going to bite the big one and jump off the bridge and start my own business doing what I love. I can't wait.



Jeanne Selep said...

We are on a similiar path. I've only been pursuing art shows recently, and I am doing one of my first ones (that I had to pay an entry fee for) this Saturday. Good Luck!

Kerley's Kreations said...

thanks I just ordered the book millionaire women I am excited to read it.. and see what happens I hope that this takes off and I can be successful at this project.