Tuesday, March 31, 2009

oh happy days

So today is the day Caitlin turns 15 , 15 years ago I was checking myself in to have a baby. we had just moved houses thanks to the USAF and were setting up shop to have a new baby in the house.. the dogs ( Bear, Ginger and Booger ) and I had just phoned 4 couples to feed them while we were at Madigan Army medical center delivering a baby. so now that baby is 15 years old. where has the time gone.. my baby is grown up soon it will be first date, then driving and then college.. I am so excited to see what a fine young lady she has become, but so shocked at the fact that she now 15.
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Kerley's Kreations said...

Thanks so much.. she had a great birthday .. and wow its amazing to know my baby is 15 now..